Officine Meccaniche BBM at the exhibition with Virtual Reality

BBM at the exhibition with Virtual Reality

Officine Meccaniche BBM, leader for the design and manufacturing of rolling stock maintenance equipment, chose Virtual Reality to show its products at the exhibition. This choice represents the BBM desire for innovation, but above all it is the answer to a common need of this type of companies: the difficulty of showing products at the exhibitions.

Too big to show

BBM press

Officine Meccaniche BBM S.p.A. is an Italian Company which was established in 1965 in Rossano Veneto. The company produces a wide range of presses for the railway components maintenance. The machineries complexity and dimensions make their presentation very difficult at the exhibitions. In addition, for security and energetic reasons, it is impossible to show them in action.

These problems are very limiting for the company. To overcome those limitations, Officine Meccaniche BBM has chosen Airlapp to find a digital and innovative solution. Many technologies have been considered, from 3D Web Configurator to Augmented Reality. In accordance with business needs, the team chose Virtual Reality as the best solution for an exhibition.

The best solution

BBM 3D environment

The VR application allows you to observe machines in a 3D environment, 360 degrees. The target device is Oculus Quest 2, the last Meta headset. This device has been chosen mainly for two reasons:

  • The computing power of Quest 2 has allowed to use the production models with very few simplifications;
  • The last Meta headsets, characterized by the absence of cables, allows a far more free and comfortable usage of VR in an exhibition.

The animations of the 3D models show all the processing steps and users can control them thanks to the controllers and user interface. Several training videos have been placed at the most importants points of interest around the machines. 

Finally, thanks to the streaming from Oculus headset to an external monitor, the salesman can help the user during the experience, explaining him, step by step, what he is seeing.

The benefits of Virtual Reality at the exhibition

There were several benefits for Officine Meccaniche BBM to use Virtual Reality at the exhibition:

  • Possibility to see every product details;
  • A realistic and immersive feedback to user;
  • The possibility to inform user about machinery use and maintenance via information panels placed in specific locations;
  • Reduction of exhibition costs, caused by the space required to show the machine;
  • Elimination of assembly costs;
  • Elimination of transport costs;
  • Salesman can explain products feautures in an immersive way;
  • Possibility to show products in every exhibition around the world;

Who to contact for Virtual Reality applications development?

Airlapp is a company that develops Virtual and Augmented Reality applications from many years, formed by a team of professionals able to offer a range of cross-skills suitable for guaranteeing the highest quality standards for each solution developed.

If you are looking for a company that deals with VR and AR app, get in touch with Airlapp and find out how to develop your project!

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