Augmented reality is changing the way we see the world, enriching it with elements and information that are now indispensable and more and more indistinguishable from the context in which they are inserted. The areas of use of this technology are rapidly growing and range from architecture to art, from marketing to industry. At Airlapp we take care of the app development both with Apple technologies for iOS system and with Google technologies for Android system.


Virtual reality projects the user in any place, allowing him to live adventures and experiences in first person, breaking down geographical barriers and simulating any setting. It allows therefore to live immersive experiences. Airlapp uses mobile technologies and not according to your needs and that is why it develops mobile app and desktop for VR viewers such as Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and Google Cardboard.


Airlapp takes care of the development of Native App Android and iOS able to interface with cloud, database and management services. It takes care of creating web apps that in turn are able to exploit this information and on the whole creates software infrastructures able to improve your business processes, meet new needs, innovate and provide your company with the best technologies and solutions on the market.


Airlapp develops not only mobile apps, but also Web App. Leveraging its know-how in terms of graphic presentation, 3D modeling and 3D management, Airlapp focuses on web app development such as configurators, dynamic websites, cloud infrastructures and web services. Our experience in app development allows us to design complex systems for exchanging and processing distributed data, guaranteeing consistency, performance and security.