Developing App is our job, our passion, our speciality. Because of this we provide mobile app development, both Android and iOS, Web Apps, 3D Configurators, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Web 3D

The 3D web configurator is a tool that allows a potential customer to configure and visualize your product, directly on his browser (both desktop and mobile).  User can choose all possible compositions and combinations available for the selected product.
The web configurator has countless of technical advantages and benefits for the user experience.
Statistically it also proves to be more convenient than the classic ecommerce.

Configuratore web 3D cucine

Virtual Reality VR

Virtual reality projects user in any place, allowing him to live experiences firsthanded, crushing down georaphical barriers and simulating any kind of environment. With virtual reality we develop immersive and multi-users metaverses.
Airlapp makes the most out of VR technologies, in order to meet your needs. This is acomplished thanks to the experience gained over the years, and the ability to develop apps able to make the most out of VR headsets (like Oculus for example).

Augmented Reality AR

Augmented reality is changing how we see the world, enriching it with elements and informations that are now essential, and increasingly indistinguishable from the context in which they are put. AR is characterized by experiences that overlaps graphic, video streams, or holograms with the physical world.
Fields of application of this technology are rapidly growing, and they go from architecture to arts, from marketing to industry. At Airlapp, we develop apps both using Apple technologies for iOS system, and Google technologies for Android.

App realtà aumentata
Parker App

Native Apps

Airlapp manage the development of Native Applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
This softwares are able to interact with cloud services, databases, administration softwares and microservices.
We develop software infrastructure that can improve business processes, meet new needs, innovate and provide companies with the best technologies and solutions on the market.

Web Apps

Airlapp develops also Web Apps to allow contents fruition from any browser, both desktop and mobile. We use our know-how of dynamic websites, cloud infrastructures and web microservices. Our experience allows us to design complex systems able to process and exchange distributed data, ensuring portability, consistency, performance and safety.

Selector and web configurator app


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