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VIRTUAL REALITY and Metaverse: what are they?

Virtual reality is a fully immersive experience in a digital 3D world, accessible only using a dedicated headset. VR is the technology behind Metaverse, the new ambitious Meta’s project. Virtual Reality projects the user anywhere, making him live the various experiences firsthanded, crushing down geographical barriers and simulating any 3D environment.

As mentioned, in order to utilize VR technology an headset is required.  It can be of two different types: standalone or PC VR headset, that require a constant connection to a computer.

Advantages and features

Virtual reality has some inherent features that generates notable beneficts, the following are a few examples.

Space is perceived with the same awareness of a real location. Virtual products and environments do respect proportions, dimensions and distances of the actual counterpart. As for the audio, it is managed as spatial sound.

Since a headset excludes the real world perception, the resulting user experience is fully immersive and engaging. It replaces physical reality with the virtual one.

A new way of selling your products or services that allows the user to touch and see firsthanded any goods before the purchase, regardless of dimension and production state. This technology can be easily utilized both exhibition, company headquarters, or form remote locations sharing the experience with the final user.

Video streaming allows a shared visualization of a product, or an environment, so that more people can see the same reality, with the opportunity to share realtime discussions and planning.

Thanks to the immersiveness and verisimilitude features, learning happens firsthand and in a more practical than theoretical way. A new formula of learning by doing.

A 3D environment, once settled, allows to save time, as it does not requires to render any single product / shot / location, or generate new visual material like photos or similar.

Compatible with the existing production 3D models of any product in any format.

The most recent headsets can be utilized standalone, no cables or dedicated powerful pc are required. This allows to bring with you every product and related experiences in a single app.

VR and Cloud technologies combined allows the elimination of physical/geographical distances and the interconnection between people.

The possibility to integrate inside 3D environments actionable contents like: 3D animations, video, images, audio, infographics and texts.

Any natural, artificial or imaginary environment can be replicated or generated in Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is cheaper that other real solutions, since it does not have costs related to: transport, physical products production, storage locations…

It’s possible to show products before they are actually manufactored, thanks to the usage of 3D models, materials and textures. You can also configure products and see all possible combinations and variations.

The possibility to visualize 360° photos with a user experience much more immersive and appreciable.

The possibility to create your very own Metaverse avatar.


Coccarda premio SMAU 2018 Bedeschi - REGIVERSE - AIRLAPP - Settore Azienda di ingegneria e produzione di impianti meccanici

Application fields

It’s  a very versatile technology that has almost countless application fields as long as you can imagine them.
From education to safety training, from medical field to the architectonic one.


Architeture and interior design

Training and safety


Exhibitions and events

Art and culture


Real estate


Sport e fitness




Case study


Virtual reality field is rapidly growing, and future forecast are very promising. Looking at the data, invest in this technology is worth it.

SuperData - Global XR Revenue Forecast

In general for VR, AR, and MR fields it is expected an exponential growth.

SuperData - Global XR Revenue Forecast

According to Accenture, the more-than-exponential growth will concern both industry and customer field. Unlike what most people believe, VR can be utilized by companies of different sizes, gaining success and interest from customers.

You need to possess a dedicated headset for virtual reality. Currently, many devices are sold, both standalone and PC VR headsets, the most popular are definitely Oculus headsets.

Virtual reality generates a 360 degree 3D render realtime, and works via headset.
In summary, a scene is created, that is a 3D environment generated according to client’s directives, that can be visualized using the headset and allows to live an immersive experience.

VR is a technology relatively recent, but already largely utilized nowadays. Mainly in entertainment and trade fair fields.

This technology will be more and more utilized with the development and mass usage of Metaverse.

As a company, we offer you the possibility to try some VR demos. For commercial info fill out the related form.

In summary, we can say that virtual reality is a fully immersive experience that excludes the real world from user experience, while augmented reality is a sort of enrichment of the physical reality. Mixed reality is an experience in which we pass from virtual to augmented reality, and vice versa, without changing device.

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