3D web configurator for motorboat and sailboat

Are you a shipyard and are you looking for a configurator for a motor boat or sailboat to allow customization?

With our technologies you will be able to give your users the possibility to create the tailor-made boat and to see it in real time on their browser, you will be able to get new contacts and expand your business.

Want to customize the product
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Why create a boat configurator?

The boat configurator allows a series of technical advantages and a unique user experience.
Imagine you are the user who is considering buying a boat and manages to configure it exactly as he wants, wouldn’t you want to buy something that you feel you have created?

Fully customizable boat

Ability to configure materials, parts, colors, textures and variants. Even with complex configuration logics.

360° visible components

Total ability to visualize and configure the boat in every detail according to the customer’s desired logic. Possibility to rotate and zoom the product at 360 degrees.

The yacht does not need to already exist

It does not require the existence of the real product and all its variants, the 3D model is enough and we’ll take care of the rest. In case the model is not available, our team of designers will be able to create the 3D model from scratch.

Optimized for trade shows and exhibitions

Enhance the experience of your stand at trade shows or  an exhibitions thanks to the use of the 3D web configurator. You will increase the engagement of your visitors and save on transport and exhibition space costs.


Customer experience

One of the strengths of our 3D boat configurator is the user experience which, thanks to the quality of the configurator, stimulates the potential customer to purchase the configured product.

Very often people do not buy because they cannot understand the quality of the product from the photos.

With our 3D configurator, thanks to the very high quality of the model and materials, the product will seem real. The potential customer can already imagine himself at the helm of the boat, being able to view and configure it with simplicity and immediacy.

“60% of users would like to be able to see the product in 3D or AR.
They would also be willing to pay up to 20% more for it. “

source Zdnet

What is configurable on a boat?

Finiture e colori barca

Colors and materials

Total management of the materials that make up the parts of the boat and the related colors and finishes

Accessori bussola barca

Components and parts

Management of the change of 3D parts thanks to the configuration logics

Interni barca

Interior and exterior

Management of the configuration of various areas of the boat, both external and internal


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