Bedeschi at the trade shows with virtual reality

Bedeschi Shiploader loading cargo ship. This machine has been processed and bring inside Regiverse platform.

How to exhibit a 38-meter shiploader at the main trade shows? How to show a crusher plant in action anywhere in the world?

The Bedeschi company answered these questions by bringing its machines to the Mining Indonesia fair in Jakarta thanks to the virtual reality provided by Airlapp.

The technology used allows you to view 3D models with animations and environments in VR directly on your smartphone.

This solution allowed Bedeschi to:

  • show the models in virtual reality on a mobile device, allowing maximum portability and mobility
  • use already designed 3D models
  • to supply customers at the trade show with innovative and original gadgets, that is, personalized cardboard visors

Given the success at the trade shows thanks to the use of this technology, more and more models are brought into the app.

Virtual reality is now considered by the company as:

  • tool to show and share the work done
  • part of the trade show material
  • new sales tool

Airlapp followed the company at every stage. Here are the main points:

Virtual reality viewer gadget

Cardboard VR headsets, in which you should insert your smartphone, with Bedeschi logo provided by Airlapp for Regiverse VR platform

The smartphone application works thanks to a special virtual reality viewer on which the mobile device is inserted. It can also work on low-cost cardboard viewers.

These cardboard are customizable. Airlapp supplied the viewers with the Bedeschi brand that were presented as gadgets during the trade shows.

Use of 3D models already designed for production

The models presented at the trade show were derived directly from the models used internally in the company. These models have been designed by Airlapp to be usable even from a mobile device. The models were highly optimized and compressed, reaching a size of 0.04% of the original models, but maintaining the topology of the initial models.

Worldwide availability

The application, and all the models it contains, are always available in VR anywhere thanks to the use of cloud services.

The application therefore makes any model “pocket” and can be used to show and / or share models with customers.

VR material and tools

VR material for Regiverse platform (headsets, headphones and remote controller) provided by Airlapp to Bedeschi company at the trade show with virtual reality

Airlapp has supplied and tested all the material and equipment necessary to bring VR models to the trade shows.

Training on the use of the VR platform

Training in Bedeschi head office, about the usage of the VR platform Regiverse at the trade show

The necessary training was done to correctly present the contents at the trade show:

  • use of viewers
  • app configuration
  • projection on the screen of what is displayed by the user

SMAU Innovation Award 2018 in the sector: Mechanical engineering and production company

SMAU 2018 award cockade Bedeschi - REGIVERSE - AIRLAPP - Engineering and production of mechanical plants company sector

Bedeschi, thanks to the use of the REGIVERSE platform, won the SMAU 2018 innovation award for the Sector: Mechanical engineering and production company.

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Bring your products to the trade show and to your customers with virtual reality

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