Product 3D web configurator

Image of the Product 3D web configurator that allows you to customize a chair directly from the browser created by Airlapp

The product 3D web configurator is a tool that allows users to customize an object in all it’s possible variations, directly from browser. Users can realize complex solutions via simple steps, knowing all product features and selecting eventual accessories or other optionals.

All of this is available without the need to install any software, because it runs directly on the user’s browser.

Client beneficts

The clients beneficts are countless, you will:

  • have the possibility to customize the product according to its own tastes
  • have no need to install any kind of software as the configurator is runned directly from the browser
  • be able to know all possible customization alternatives
  • have the possibility to access the configurator directly from the producer website
  • be an active subject that can interact with the product and make it your own (this is the gamification concept)
  • have access to a 3D preview of the given object, being able to zoom and rotate it in order to be able to see evry aspect
  • have a very simple graphic interface that will guide you throughout the configuration
  • be able to save a picture of the configured product: during the saving operation, the codes of the components variants are also saved. This function has a double benefict: it helps the configuration sharing via mail or social network, and it also facilitates the release of the supply order for the configurated product (just go to a selling point with the downloaded picture and the reseller has directly the codes of the components variants chosen for the order)

Producer beneficts

The producer beneficts are notable as well, you will:

  • have a tool that facilitate the selling process and catch the potential clients attention
  • optimize time as it’ll be the client itself that learns independently to know the product, with its features and customizations
  • have the possibility to integrate the configurator in your website, or in the one of any eventual reseller thanks to Cloud technologies utilized by Airlapp.  The configurator is developed in an external enviroment compared to the corporate website and once finished it will be included in the website in a very simple way, adding some dedicated HTML code (just as an embedded youtube video)
  • speed up the products updating process as the configurator resides on Cloud an it is shared between clients and reseller websites. So when it is updated the most recent update is shared in real time
  • be able to collect analytics: useful data for market analysis. Some examples are: clients preferences, most choosen materials, most clicked products etc, with the possibility to track from which site and geographical area that data comes from. This data allows you to focus on the most desired customizations or to lead the development of future products
  • increase your brand visibility and will differentiate from competitors.
  • have an online configurable catalogue always updated: the configurable products will always be updated thanks to the cloud-mediated cascade sharing
  • be able to reuse the production 3D models thanks to the services offered by Airlapp

Demo of a web configurator for a chair

In order to prove the potentiality of this technology, we have realized a demo, accessible from this link:

This demo allows you to configurate style, variants and colors of a chair. The configurator also respects the choice possibility according to the configurations that can be chosen from catalog.

Web configurator examples

Here we have some product 3D web configurators, realized by Airlapp according to the customers needs:

Configurator for any product

Can you utilize this technology for your products? Absolutely yes!

We take care of everything! If you don’t have the related 3D models our team is able to provide them for you!

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