Published App

Regiverse is the Virtual Reality platform that allows you to present your projects in an easy, economical and innovative way
Thanks to Regiverse you can make customers walk inside your 3D models, making them live an immersive experience never experienced before


Customized Service

The 3D product web configurator allows you to customize an object in all its possible variants directly from the browser. Users, through simple steps, can create complex solutions by selecting any accessories or other options. All this without the need to install any software when run directly on the user’s browser.


App for Companies – Customized

DecorAR + decorator, is an Augmented Reality App built for manufacturers, retailers or agents operating in the furniture world that allows you to place the virtual furniture in any space in which you are located and ensure the customer who is doing the right purchase.


App for Companies – Customized

Evolve your paper projects and amaze your customers through AR Extrude – 3D augmented reality planimetry: frame the 2D plan with a mobile device and the 3D model of your project will appear.
App created for surveyors, architects, interior designer professionals or anyone working with 3D models, which exploits Augmented Reality in order to make the presentation of a project easy.


App for Companies – Customized

3D EasyOrder spare parts management app, developed to facilitate and speed up machine maintenance, in order to avoid errors in the spare parts order. Designed to replace paper use and maintenance manuals, it is characterized by excellent navigability and usability.


Published App – Google Tango Devices

Cubeter is an app that allows you to study the encumbrance in augmented reality of any object. This app displays in the real world a 3D cube whose dimensions are adjustable. The user can define height, width and length so as to recreate the size of the object of interest.